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What are the factors of fixture precision measuring instrument price

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What are the factors of fixture precision measuring instrument price

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Application of fixture precision measuring instrument in the manufacturing industry is very common, a lot of friends for the price comparison of doubt, why some manufacturers of high prices, some manufacturers of low price. Sirui measurement of three coordinate measuring machine, professional manufacturers, the domestic brands in sales for five consecutive years the first three coordinate. Below, Sirui measurement is to introduce the determinants of the price of the three coordinate measuring machine which.

Type 1, three coordinates is one of factors that affect the price. Three coordinate measuring machine can be divided into manual, automatic type, the automatic measuring machine, the price is relatively higher for manual type.

Type 2, three coordinate measuring machine side head. Three coordinate the side head can be divided into manual, semiautomatic side side head, automatic side head, in addition, according to different needs can be divided into many other kinds of. The head is the basis for precision measurement. The lateral head of different types in the price is also different.

The software system 3, three coordinates. For the price of three coordinate measuring machine, the software system is an important factor to affect the. The measurement system is good both in professional, or are very simple and convenient, the quality can be guaranteed, high stability, high accuracy, therefore, its price is relatively high. But Senator measurement of three coordinate is different, with the highest price.

4, other factors impact on price. Other factors mentioned here refers to the components of control system, drive system, motor, transmission and other specific you. Different brands of parts quality is different. Good parts prices higher, but the quality can be guaranteed. But it is inevitable that some manufacturers in order to earn more profits and the choice of the poor quality of the parts, it can reduce the cost, but the quality of the products will be greatly reduced. Fixture for precision measuring instrument


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