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Application of 3D measurement in the detection of automobile spare parts Service

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Application of 3D measurement in the detection of automobile spare parts Service

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Measurement of 3D services with the continuous improvement of people's living standard, more and more families have their own cars. In order to ensure the quality of the car, in the car manufacturing process, manufacturers will was detected by measuring instrument of high precision. In these instruments, the three coordinates measuring instrument is a kind of common. Below, introduce the application of measurement of three coordinate measuring machine in the detection of auto parts.

In the detection of auto parts in three coordinate measuring instrument, plays a very important role, it is to ensure complete safety, auto parts, has a very important role as well as the quality of automobile. Only to ensure the safety of each parts of the car, the car's quality can be guaranteed, our ginseng security can be guaranteed. Three coordinate measuring machine has the advantages of high measuring precision, convenient use, relatively simple to operate. If it is relatively small and can not be measured by three coordinate measuring machine parts, can be measured by using image measuring instrument. Whether it is flat or concave, convex, image measuring instrument, can be very good to measure. Combined with the measuring instrument and image measuring instrument three coordinate, in the daily vehicle inspection process is one of the more common methods, you can guarantee a good quality of car.

Three coordinate measuring instrument has good performance, the application in the market is very common, was unanimously welcomed by everyone. Three coordinate in the brand has been five consecutive years of production and sales of the first. At the same time, the price is relatively high, so, if you still do not know what to worry about the three coordinates measuring instrument, may wish to try Si Ruisan coordinate measuring instrument, believe that will not let you disappointed. Measurement of 3D service


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