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Ultra high precision tooling precision measuring instrument

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Ultra high precision tooling precision measuring instrument

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Fixture precision measuring instrument is a kind of precision measurement of various parts of the equipment, when in use, because of its own, to do the maintenance of timely, so that we can effect and degree of assurance of ultra high precision measurement of three coordinate measuring machine and the service life of high accuracy of three coordinate measuring machine the failure rate, in reduced circumstances, can greatly improve the production efficiency. Sirui measurement, professional manufacturer of high precision ultra three coordinates measuring instrument for five consecutive years in the national three coordinate measuring machine brand sales in the first. Note the following is the introduction of ultra precision of three coordinate measuring machine in the use of time:

First, high accuracy of three coordinate measuring machine and then boot before the need to prepare what

The demands on the environment 1, this instrument is relatively high, but as long as in strict accordance with the instructions of the temperature and humidity requirements to do, will not be a problem.

Track 2, three ultra high precision coordinate measuring instrument can be said to have a higher requirement on the processing precision, the gap reached with the air bearing is relatively small, in such circumstances, requires the guide above can not appear any debris and dust, once the cause of air bearing and guide the use performance and scratch the effect will be affected.

3, should be timely to smear a small amount of lubricating oil, screw rod, the rack.

Item second, sunrise to remind you of ultra precision measurement of three coordinates measuring instrument in use should pay attention to the introduction of

After the end of 1, to send the table clean.

2, if the measured parts above the burr phenomenon, after the cleaning method using certain to remove the burr in measurement.

3, the use of measuring instrument, measuring instrument use environment should be a constant temperature, the temperature difference is too large the measurement results will not be allowed.

4, in the operation of the process, if appear side by the rotation of the phenomenon, the operator should be far away from the parts to avoid accidents. Fixture for precision measuring instrument


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